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  1. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

    Probably the most popular, I mean cult inspiring, computer programming book of all time. This book created a movement circa the year 2000. All the major universities that prided themselves on producing technical talent adopted this textbook into their curriculum. It began as a Scheme and Intro to Programming course ...

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  2. Decimal to Change Number Precision

    The built in math functions in Python use binary approximations, giving some funky results when dealing with numbers containing decimals:

    >>> .1 + .2
    >>> round(100.00 / 3.000, 4)

    One way to appropriately find the sum of decimals is to use strings

    >>> str(.1 + .2)
    '0.3 ...
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  3. Map Function in Python

    Today I discovered the map function in Python. Map causes some simple for loops to be verbose and unnecessary. Let's look at how to change a list of integers to a list of strings. First we'll use a for loop:

    >>> list = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
    >>> index = 0 ...
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