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  1. FlightBookr

    • Flask backend provides API to Backbone.js from a JSON file of flight information
    • Client-side form validations with Parsley.js
    • Marionette managed composite views and events
    • Technologies: Flask, Flask-Assets, Backbone.js, Marionette, Foundation, Parsely, Syphon, Momentjs, JST templates, Jinja2, HTML, CSS

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  2. PollTheWorld

    • Create polls, vote, and view responses summary.
    • Heroku hosted Backbone.js application consuming RESTful Rails API
    • Custom user authentication system with hashed passwords, session token and guest login
    • Infinite scroll appends next page's Backbone collection on scroll off event
    • Extends Backbone's model parsing to include relations
    • Custom Backbone composite view …
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