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  1. Authentication Browser Storage Options

    Before the invention of client side rendering and AJAX, there were web apps that required visiting multiple pages. To keep the auth data in the browser for navigating to other pages, cookies were invented. Even with single page apps, browser storage is important to allow a user to remain authenticated …

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  2. Authentication Cases You Could Handle

    Authentication is a big job at the start of building a web application. These days, there are a lot of options on how to do it. The technical implementation and possibly 3rd party service you choose can depend on what use cases you want to support. This is the start …

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  3. Python's Dictionary Get

    In a Python dictionary, one way to return the value for a specific key is a_dictionary[key]. Another way is to use the get method: a_dictionary.get(key). The difference is when the key is not in the dictionary. The bracket method returns an error, but the get method is …

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  4. Bcrypt with Rails

    Bcrypt is an algorithm for hashing passwords that can be implemented in many programming languages. When a user signs up or logs in, the password they entered is sent to the server. SSL should be used for this stage, but that is separate from bcrypt. Bcrypt's job is to protect …

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