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  1. Authentication Browser Storage Options

    Before the invention of client side rendering and AJAX, there were web apps that required visiting multiple pages. To keep the auth data in the browser for navigating to other pages, cookies were invented. Even with single page apps, browser storage is important to allow a user to remain authenticated …

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  2. Authentication Cases You Could Handle

    Authentication is a big job at the start of building a web application. These days, there are a lot of options on how to do it. The technical implementation and possibly 3rd party service you choose can depend on what use cases you want to support. This is the start …

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  3. Github Search Users

    • Search for Github users and view some profile details, utilizing Github's GraphQL API
    • Serverless React app
    • Styled with Material-UI
    • 'Concurrent Mode' with debounce to reduce fetching and rendering with React hooks
    • Technologies: React, Axios, Material-UI


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  4. FlightBookr

    • Flask backend provides API to Backbone.js from a JSON file of flight information
    • Client-side form validations with Parsley.js
    • Marionette managed composite views and events
    • Technologies: Flask, Flask-Assets, Backbone.js, Marionette, Foundation, Parsely, Syphon, Momentjs, JST templates, Jinja2, HTML, CSS

    Live Github

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