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The Practice of Programming

Disclaimer: This book does not have any python examples. But even before I began dabbling in C, I believe this book made me a better programmer. I recommend this book for the intermediate programmer who knows how to code, but may not be very good at coding with others. Someone who can write code that works, but their code is not pretty to look at later for debugging, learning, or changing code. Someone fresh out of college who needs to work on code with other developers for perhaps the first time. After reading this, I went back through all my old posts and changed spacing and naming (wasn't a big deal because I moved my blog to my new domain from blogger). I now run pep8 against my python code. My programs are easier to read and follow logically. My variables make sense and are easy to remember. I feel that I have surpassed one of the beginner hurdles to becoming a good developer.

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