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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Probably the most popular, I mean cult inspiring, computer programming book of all time. This book created a movement circa the year 2000. All the major universities that prided themselves on producing technical talent adopted this textbook into their curriculum. It began as a Scheme and Intro to Programming course at MIT. Now, many passionate programmers own a copy to reread at their leisure. Although Scheme isn't very useful anymore, lessons from this book can be applied to other languages, including python. If you aren't infatuated with math and theorems, the least you should do is read the first chapter free at . Actually, the whole book is available for free online. I still prefer physical books however. Unplugging a little each day is healthy. I recommend buying a copy to take to the park, or wherever. If you do love math, then you will love this book. At the very least, my physical copy is a great conversation starter among programmers. Guys don't expect a mom to be reading SICP I guess.

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